Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Race And The Fashion Industry

I watched a podcast on the BBC website about race and the fashion industry. They were talking about how there isn’t many black designers on the runway and the reasons behind this. They mentioned that it’s not necessarily the fact that their isn’t many black designers but more than they have less of an opportunity due to their race. 

They went on to mention about how Gucci launched the black sweater with the red lips and how this was really disappointing from such a big brand and considering its 2019 and these issues around racism have been a conversation for a decade. 

They also mentioned how certain brands got called out for not having black models etc like Calvin Klein and Louis Vuitton who quickly acted upon this. 

It’s positive to see that changes are being made but there is still a way to go into resolving the conversation around fashion and race. The day we see designers from different races in fashion week we will realised how far we have come in regards to race. 

They spoke to a recent graduate called Bryanca who has been successful in the fashion industry. She has her own label both in London and Tokyo. She speaks about her issues along the way and why she found it hard to make it where she did but also how it’s a positive that she’s go to where she has got, considering the difficulty within race. 

They spoke about how we’ve have achieve a lot within the topic of race and how designers never used to have black models on the run way, especially in winter collections due to the fact that the clothes would ‘ appear better’ on a white race due to there colour being lighter. Now in 2019 there are black models on the run way and designers have realised that winter clothes do look good on a black model. 

I feel that there should be a difference when it comes to race and designers. 

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