Monday, May 27, 2019

My Favourite Looks From Valentino's Cruise 2020 Collection

The Valentino Cruise 2020 Collection was released on the 23rd May and below are my favourite pieces from the collection. 

This dress is one of my favourite pieces from the Valentino collection. I really like the bright blue used in contrast with the pink and white. I also love the shape of the oversized dress and the tassel details around the hem. I feel like it gives a western/ summer vibe and I love that contrast!! 

What I love about this piece is the print and the colours used. I love how this is paired with the black hat as I think it finishes the look. However, I am still undecided on wether I like the shape of this dress and the tie around the neck/ cuffs. If this were to be my collection I would use the print but change the length and the shape. 

What I LOVE about this piece is the print. Animal prints have definitely come back into fashion recently and especially the black and white prints. I like how the garment and print is oversized as most animal print looks I've seen have always been fitted. In addition, like the extra added fabric on the shoulder as it adds more detail but also how a belt is used to create some shape. This piece reminds me of a mixture between a beach outfit and an evening piece.

This is another one of my favourite pieces from the collection. I love the feathers and embroidery details as I feel this gives an elegant/ sophisticated look. I also love the all white look and the hat accessory as it gives a western but sophisticated feel. 

I really like the colours used in this garment. The yellows, blues, whites and purples gives a real summer feel to this piece. I love the pattern used in contract with the all blue, bold over jacket and the tanned belt to add detail and more contrast. 

Overall, looking at all the other designer cruise 2020 collections, Valentinos is by far my favourite as it has a variety of different flavours throughout out the collection but still keeping to a noticeable theme. He also uses a lot of bright colours and interesting features and shapes. I feel that some of the other designers collections come across quite boring and dull, especially because of their chosen colour pallets. 


Dolce & Gabbana China Show Cancelled Due To Being Accused Of Racism

It has been reported that Dolce & Gabbana have been forced to cancel their catwalk show in Shanghai, China by local government authorities after many took offence to their marketing campaign that was posted on Monday.  The video was of a Chinese model eating Italian food with chopsticks which was perceived as racist and was taken down after less than 24 hours. 

The situation was made worse by then comments from Stefano Gabbana and D&G's official instagram accounts the day the catwalk was meant to take place. There were insensitive and unfair comments about China and Chinese internet users however, the duo has claimed that the account was hacked. The comments were quickly removed but many took screenshots with the trending hashtags #BoycottDolce. The Weibo hashtag #DGTheGreatShowCancelled has been read 540 million times, and mentioned in 74,000 discussions.

Apparently this isn’t the first time D&G have been accused of racist messaging. 18 months ago a previous #DGLovesChina campagin depicted Beijing that left Chinese internet users feeling looked backwards and underdeveloped. 

Furthermore, both Gabbana and Domenico Dolce have made other insensitive statements in the past such as referring to babies conceived by in vitro fertilisation as “synthetic”,to refusing to support the right of gay parents to adopt. They have also described gladiator sandals as “slave sandals”. Gabbana has called Selena Gomez "ugly" on Instagram in June and the Kardashian family "the most cheap people in the world" in July. 

In my opinion, after watching the campaign video on Diet Prada, I feel that the video is confusing and un-relatable. I can understand why the Chinese feel this is racist to their culture, particularly to the words used in the video as it’s almost making a mockery of the existence of chopsticks. Reading this article from BOF I never knew that D&G had been insensitive to many others before and therefore, I feel this changes my opinion on the brand and whether I would ever buy from them in the future. I feel that if they wanted to combine the Italian and Chinese culture they should have thought more into the word choices they used in the background. 

The duo designers have been known for using social media to voice their opinions according to BOF. However, upsetting the Chinese consumers can have a vital effect on the brand as they are one of their biggest consumers, who spend a lot on the brand. Furthermore, the Chinese support can make or break a brand performance so it will be interesting to see how D&G manage this controversy. 


Sunday, May 26, 2019

H&M x Giambattista Valli

The high-street retailer H&M has launched a collection with the Paris based Italian designer Giambattista Valli. The collection is called Project Love and was revealed on Thursday evening at the Cannes film festival.  Pieces from the collection were worn by celebrities attending the event such as Kendall Jenner, influencer Chiara Ferragni and Musician H.E.R. 

The collection consists of the ‘frothy dress trend’ which took over the catwalks last February and was described as making those who wear it “bob along like baby ducklings.” 

Prices range from a £400.00 corset dress to £13.00 ribbed socks. Selected pieces from the collection will be made available to purchase in 12 H&M stores around the world, including regent street in London and on from the 25th May. The full collection will then be released on the 7th November. 

Valli has said “I am excited about this collaboration: H&M gives me the opportunity to bring my vision of style and my celebration of beauty to a wider audience.” 

The designer first launched his brand in 2005. His designs were particularly focused into menswear with several suits included in the H&M collection. This will be the first time the designer has collaborated with a high-street retailer. 

I really like this collection Valli has created with H&M. I'd never heard of the designer before and I think his style is different, creative and fresh. I particularly like the bright pink tule dress Kendal Jenner is wearing. I think its really wacky and creative but also the colour is really feminine too. It's not something you would usually see in a high-street brand and I am interested to see what else is going to be released. 


Prada Joins Fashion’s Anti-Fur Movement

Prada has made the decision to join the fashion fur-free movement. After being targeted by activist groups they have said they will stop using animal fur from Spring/Summer 2020 onwards. 

Apparently, the fur-free decision wont have much impact on Prada as fur accounts for less that 0.1 percent used in production but instead it will give the luxury brand a marketing boost.

Lorenzo Bertelli, Prada Group's head of marketing and communications has said “Fur has never been part of the main pieces of Prada,” adding that the brand has already stopped showing animal fur on its catwalk. “People are always asking for a more sustainable approach from the company … [consumers are] different from the past. They think everybody needs to do there part to have a more sustainable world and future.”

However, not everyone is pleased with Prada’s decision. Mark Oaten, chief executive of the International Fur Federation, has said he is “extremely disappointed” adding that, despite requests, Prada declined to meet with the organisation to discuss the use of animal fur.

“I would have hoped a brand that cares about sustainability would have given its consumers the choice to buy natural fur rather than moving towards fake and plastic alternatives,” he said. “I don’t believe they have all the facts. I urge them to think again.”

Other brands such as Gucci, Burberry and Versace have also all turned their backs on animal fur. Cities are joining the fur-free movement too. New York is the largest market for fur in the US however the city council is considering a ban on the sale of fur. San Francisco and Los Angeles have already put in similar bans. 

It has been months since the last major brand announced it was dropping fur. This kind of decision, from a big luxury brand, will help bring back to life the fur-free movement. 
“[Prada’s decision] will re-energise the movement to move away from fur for other brands,” Smith said. “I think this will also help the discussions that are happening in California and New York."

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Rihanna's Fenty label aims to rip up fashion industry rules

When reading the Guardian I came across a section about Rhianna's new clothing line that is set to launch this week. It mentions how she has ditched traditions and has said she wants to be "as disruptive as possible." 

The singers mentioned "The brand is not traditional. There is no runway show. It’s a new way of doing things because I believe that this is where fashion is going to go eventually.”

The first look at Fenty, unlike the usual traditions of models and catwalks, it was seen worn by Rhianna herself. According to the Guardian, the aesthetic is based around 'thick and curvy" like Rhianna herself, with all pieces available up to a size 18. 

The collection consists of inch-waisted denim dressed and starchily voluminous trouser suits with each outfit paired with elegant high heels. The collection is also being launched several months earlier than expected. 

It is expected to be a "digital flagship" supported with pop-up shops. There are also no plans for permanent bricks-and-mortar boutiques. 

The history of pop stars fashion labels have stayed within the lanes of sportswear ( Beyonce's Ivy Park) or streetwear (Drakes Octobers Very Own) but the Fenty looks have taken a new direction with a sophisticated, tailoring-based aesthetic. 

I think Rhianna is really inspirational and a great role model in how she is challenging the traditional fashion expectations. I think creating this collection to be an online launch only, supported by pop-ups is very timely for his generation and I cannot wait for the collection to be launched. 


The BoF Podcast: Building Disruptive Direct-to-Consumer Brands

Today I watched a podcast on how Him and Hers, Allbirds and Good American have all developed successful brands through a disruptive direct-to-consumer method. Entrepreneurs Hilary Coles, Tim Brown and Emma Grede first explained that the success of their brand came from having those disruptive insights. They researched in to a certain sector and found missing gaps in the market where they then took that forward and developed their brands. For example, Emma Grede, founder of Good American, realised that there is a need for better fitting jeans on thicker women. 

They then went on to explain that factors such as  having a direct line to the customer gives a sense of community, purpose and it allows the customer to feel that they are apart of the brand. Furthermore, allowing them to give feedback and their opinions on what could be better allows for the company to get some great insights whilst applying to the customers needs.

In addition, they mentioned about how it's more easier to create a brand through instagram instead of having to go through the route of retail. Even though the retail sector seems to be less popular in this generation, they explained that it is still very important for their brands. Emma Grede, founder of Good American, explains that its essential for her brand to have pop up shops and create that experience for her customers. She goes on to say that the route of the brand is making women feel empowered and beautiful and its not just about the fashion and the way jeans look but instead, how they make you feel and for this you need to try them on. 

Listening to the podcast I felt that I was able to relate and understand a lot of what was being explained due to what I have learnt on FCP. For example, particularly when they were explaining about insights and how that gave them the idea to create their brands. Its interesting and inspiring to hear the processes of the successful entrepreneurs but it also make me motivated and exited for what is ahead in FCP.

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