Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Trends from Autumn/ Winter 2019.

Recently I have noticed, not only from the fashion weeks but from bloggers too, these 6 fashion items that have been trending recently and will become more popular in Autumn/ Winter 2019.

Androgynous Style 

Androgynous style is non-gender look and is devoid to stereotypes. This look is loose-fitting clothes, such as oversized suits, denim jackets, and men's shirts. It's about flexibility, rebellion but also keeping it sleek. Miss Joslin is a blogger I follow who’s style and content is all about androgynous.

Chunky chain Necklaces

I've noticed recently a lot of bloggers on my Instagram feed have been bringing back the gold chunky necklaces and not in the stereotype 'cavy' way but giving it a more rebellious, glam and sleek look. Bloggers like Lissy Roddy and Miss Joslin are two bloggers who are on this trend right now.

Personalized hairpins 

Personalised, sparkling, diamonte hairpins have been a current trend recently with multiple bloggers with different style aesthetics wearing them. With your own personal names to feminism and girl power, each individual creating a bold, glam and sleek look. Bloggers like Tammy Hembrow and Jess both wear these.

Snakeskin footwear 

From boots to 90's sandals, snakeskin has been brought back to life and many bloggers are loving it. It will definitely be a big tend in autumn with it being the boot season.

Buckle bags 

These are an accessory that goes with almost any outfit. I've seen many bloggers, Pinterest post, celebrities and fashion icons wearing these. They make an outfit go from casual and basic too sleek and stylish.

Square sunglasses 

These sunglasses have been trending for a while but are still very much in trend. They have been worn with almost everything. With the 90's style making its return in 2019, bloggers, celebrities, fashion icons are all wearing these adding their own different personal sense of style. My personal favourites who constantly wear these are Tammy Hembrow and Miss Joslin.

I'm looking forward to what the Autumn/winter trends and styles bring. As much as I love the summer, the autumn/ winter style is my personal favourite with the layers, coats and thick jumpers. I'm excited to see how these 6 trends will be added into the Autumn/ Winter looks.

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