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Obese Mannequins Are Selling Women A Dangerous Lie

The Telegraph have written a recent article about obese mannequins and how they are giving Women the wrong impression. In the article, written by a Woman herself Tanya Gold, she talks about how the obese mannequins are not a size 12 but instead a much bigger size which she claims to be unhealthy. She goes on to say  "She is, in every measure, obese, and she is not readying herself for a run in her shiny Nike gear. She cannot run. She is, more likely, pre-diabetic and on her way to a hip replacement. What terrible cynicism is this on the part of Nike?" 

Nike have launched these new mannequins in their London flagship store to “celebrate the diversity and inclusivity of sport”. I think it's disappointing to see an article address this change in a negative light rather than a positive but most importantly, to address a woman's size in this way. It's a positive thing that Nike are thinking and changing the way we view size and body image, as in almost all retail stores mannequins are very slim giving women the wrong impression of what they should look like, causing many mental health issues in today’s society. 

The writer describes obese people as "pre-diabetic" or on their "way to a hip replacement" and that they" cannot run" which is rude and disrespectful towards Women. She is telling Women who are + size 12 that they shouldn't be wearing sport clothes and stereotyping them for the women who don't run. How does she know they don't want to get fit or that they just prefer to wear those style off clothes? 

She goes on to talk about how advertising bullies’ women and that it tells you what you want to hear to make you happy. In some cases, I agree, it's a tactic to make consumers buy your products, but in this case with Nike, I struggle to see the negatives. 

Lastly, she describes that she was " a recovering addict" and that "it is most often – but not always – an addiction to sugars, and a response to sadness." 

Overall, I feel that her point of view is very wrong and that this view is the reason why many women do still question how their body looks. I think that for a positive future retail stores should look up too Nike and take the same approach in changing their thin mannequins to bring more body positivity in to society. 


How Fashion Designer Danielle Guizio Built An Empire With $400

An article by Forbes explains how designer Danielle Guizio built and empire with only $400. Reading the article is explains that Danielle dropped out of fashion school and decided to create her own business in her parent’s basement where she now has the likes of Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid and Hayley Baldwin wearing her designs.

Forbes explains that Danielle had no financial backing but used social media as a platform to get followers and turn fans into sales.  "From the days of Myspace to Twitter and Instagram, Guizio took advantage of her digital networks and understood early on that a strong social media presence and leveraging influencer marketing would be the most effective."

Forbes describes Daniella as a " committed designer who takes her craft seriously." Daniella is conscientious when it comes to what colour and fabric she uses and is very selective when aligning her brand with partners. Overall, she has become a "disciplined designer in multiple categories without formal design experience." 

Reading this article its really interesting and inspiring to get the insights on how Daniella became so successful. In todays’ generation a lot of businesses are making their platforms through social media due to growing up with technology. 


Met Gala - My Favorite & Least Favourite Looks

It’s that time again and as expected it was posted all over Instagram, so I decided to do a blog on the outfits I personally like the most and least from the 2019 Met Gala


I thought that Zendaya’s' dress was amazing, inspired by the Disney film Cinderella, combined with technology to create something original, different and magical. As Zendaya entered the red carpet a wand was waved at her dress which then made the dress light up and move outwards giving a magical princess feel. I really like this dress as I haven't seen anything like this before and I felt it was original and stood out from the all the other outfits. It also shows an exciting future on the combination of technology and fashion. 

The Kardashian/ Jenner Clan 

I feel like the Kardashian taste is like marmite with the public, you either hate it and think it’s boring/ overrated or, like me you love it. I really like the tight silhouettes they went for in this look. Kim Kardashians' is inspired by drips of water resembled by clear droplet embellishment and the wet look hair that’s in trend currently. I love the colours of Kylie and Kendall’s' dresses, many of the public had said that the colours reminded them of the power puff girls. Overall, there dresses were one of my favourites.

Miley Crus 

This looks from Miley Crus was one of my least favourites. I feel that the shape and colours look very tacky. It reminds me of something Lady Gaga would wear back in 2008.  I also don't like the combination of the black tights and chunky heels with this look.

Frank Ocean   

When I saw this look on the vogue website, I thought Frank Ocean stood out like a sour thumb. Everyone at the met gala dressed up but it seemed like frank Ocean didn't make much of an effort, especially for a red-carpet look. His outfit choice designed by Prada looks like an average everyday casual outfit. The black also makes the piece look very boring. Alongside Miley Crus outfit choice, this was another one of my least favourites.


Mary Quant At The V&A

Today I went to the V&A to see the Mary Quant exhibition In London.

Mary Quant was a fashion designer of the 1960’s. She was born in 1930 near blackhealth, south east London, to welsh parents. Quant was evacuated during the war and grew up with clothes rationing. As a teenager she longed to train in becoming a fashion designer but her parents insisted that she went to grammar school. As a compromise she trained as a art teach at the goldsmiths school not far from home.

She was well known and popular in Britain for her powerful role model for working women. Mary helped to shape the identity of the forward fashion after the post-war. 

The exhibition takes you on a journey of Quants career. In the exhibition they explained that Quant was the ambassador for her designs as she wore them. She was known for her daisy logo and in most of her collections she popularised miniskirts, tights, waterproof mascara and many other product women take for granted today. 

When looking around the exhibition I really liked many of Quant's designs and they would be something I would wear today. It interesting to see how fashion changes throughout time and then re-loops back in to fashion. 


Is This The End Of The Beauty Blogger, James Charles' Career?

Recently over social media, particularly Instagram and YouTube there has been a lot of drama between social media influencers, one of them being James Charles, who I follow. 

James Charles is 20 and is known for his amazing makeup skills through YouTube and Instagram. 

The drama was first caused by James Charles close friend Tati who publicly shamed James over a YouTube video after being upset with James choices and decisions towards her as she claimed to feel “used”. 

This then leads to lots of cyber hate towards James, having many of his followers drop in a day. It also started to involve other celebrity’s and influencers like Jeffery star and Zara Larson. 

James apologised for his actions via a YouTube video explaining his side of the story and the situation. The whole drama led for him to cancel his tour that was due soon. 

Tati was upset with James explaining that he promoted a product that was her competitor when he would always disregard promoting hers as it “wasn’t appropriate for his audience”. She helps James build up his following when he first started out in the influencer career. She also claimed that he would sexually manipulate straight men into thinking they were gay so he could get them to like him. 

James explained how the story had been twisted with evidence of text messages etc. He’s also claimed that he has made mistakes and he is still learning but it’s very difficult due to being in the public eye and being looked up to at such a young age. He is now spending more time around family and focusing on himself as he explained the whole drama has taken a toll on his mental health due to this being such a difficult time. 

Reading and watching the YouTube videos made me realise how difficult it must be being so young and famous with your every move in the public eye. When I graduate from university I would love to have a career as a social media influencer, however this whole situation with James Charles has really opened my eyes up to this type of career. Seeing videos and posts of influencers looking like they are living the dream but not many people realise the type of negative this “dream job” actually comes with. 

It’s human nature to make mistakes but when you’re that famous with those many followers’ people are always going to have something to say, especially when it’s negative. It’s made me realise how mature and careful you need to be stepping into this type of career. It’s also made me realise to always be careful on who you trust and become close with in this industry. There are always people trying to get one step ahead and will do anything to get there, even if it means stepping on your toes or ending a friendship. Furthermore, this situation has made me realise how petty and bitchy even adults can be. Not discussing a problem in private but publicly shaming someone instead so that their career is on the line. 

After reading and watching all the drama unfold and reflecting on the situation, it is still my dream job to become an influencer, but I also won’t be quick to disregard other options due to realising the pressures that come with this type of career. Furthermore, in regards to the James and Tati situation, I feel that there are two sides to every story and both parties are to blame. Every human makes mistakes and it’s hard when you are young but without mistakes you don’t learn. I hope that James and Tati find a way to fix their issues and to not let social media come between their friendship. 

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