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Do you believe that creativity is a natural talent? That you are either creative or you're not. Would you describe yourself as creative? Or how can you become more creative? Overall, how did Hegarty become so successful? Hegarty on Creativity - There are no rules answers all of your questions and more. This book is honestly one of the best books I have ever read! I feel that it has some very helpful and motivational points to creating a successful career in something you love. Below are my 5 favorite points that I will be taking away with me:

   1. Respect Don’t Revere
" Revere anyone or any one thing at your own risk. Doing so will over-influence your work and impede your creativity. It will lead to imitation, not creation." This isn't saying to not be inspired or to not have someone successful to look up to but instead, don’t put them on a pedestal or idolize them. This only makes you feel less about yourself and limit your ability to reach their level and beyond. Instead, use them as a stepping stone, learn from what they did and use that to create your own success. 

 2. Originality 
"Ideas borrow, blend, subvert, develop, and bounce off other ideas" Hegarty explains there’s no such thing as an original idea. It had to be inspired from somewhere or something that was created before. We just interpret or develop that idea into our own response. 

 3. Reflection 
"Snap judgments and rapid decisions often lead to poor work. The ability to stand back from your thinking and give what we call the 'overnight test' is essential." When creating a working, you need to give yourself time, even in a world that's so fast-paced. Giving yourself time to reflect will help you look at your work more clearly than making quick and often, bad decisions. 

 4. Remove your headphones 
" To be a successful creative person you have to be fascinated by the world and all its wonders, absurdities, failings, and mishaps. The world can be a constant source of inspiration but you must absorb it through all your senses before you can hope to channel it into fresh ideas." Hegarty explains when he sees one of his creatives wearing headphones, he asks "why are they cutting themselves off from the world?" "As without inspiration, creativity dries up and we start repeating ourselves." 

5. Good is the enemy of great 
" Within this maelstrom of thoughts veering all over the place, it can be easy to settle on something that feels right. Something that seems to make sense of all the confusion. you'll feel relief when you get to this point. You’ll think you've cracked it. You’ll feel good. But then you have to take a step back from what feels really good and ask: But is it great?" What Hegarty is expressing here is, even when you thought you’ve come up with a really good idea, don’t play it safe but instead, push yourself to greatness. Question yourself, could this be better? Its good but is it great? 

Overall, I would undoubtedly recommend this book to anyone whos in the creative industry looking for inspiration but most of all to push themselves succeeded in the industry. 


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