Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Met Gala - My Favorite & Least Favourite Looks

It’s that time again and as expected it was posted all over Instagram, so I decided to do a blog on the outfits I personally like the most and least from the 2019 Met Gala


I thought that Zendaya’s' dress was amazing, inspired by the Disney film Cinderella, combined with technology to create something original, different and magical. As Zendaya entered the red carpet a wand was waved at her dress which then made the dress light up and move outwards giving a magical princess feel. I really like this dress as I haven't seen anything like this before and I felt it was original and stood out from the all the other outfits. It also shows an exciting future on the combination of technology and fashion. 

The Kardashian/ Jenner Clan 

I feel like the Kardashian taste is like marmite with the public, you either hate it and think it’s boring/ overrated or, like me you love it. I really like the tight silhouettes they went for in this look. Kim Kardashians' is inspired by drips of water resembled by clear droplet embellishment and the wet look hair that’s in trend currently. I love the colours of Kylie and Kendall’s' dresses, many of the public had said that the colours reminded them of the power puff girls. Overall, there dresses were one of my favourites.

Miley Crus 

This looks from Miley Crus was one of my least favourites. I feel that the shape and colours look very tacky. It reminds me of something Lady Gaga would wear back in 2008.  I also don't like the combination of the black tights and chunky heels with this look.

Frank Ocean   

When I saw this look on the vogue website, I thought Frank Ocean stood out like a sour thumb. Everyone at the met gala dressed up but it seemed like frank Ocean didn't make much of an effort, especially for a red-carpet look. His outfit choice designed by Prada looks like an average everyday casual outfit. The black also makes the piece look very boring. Alongside Miley Crus outfit choice, this was another one of my least favourites.


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