Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The True Cost -Fashion Documentary


The True Cost is a fashion documentary about the clothes we wear, the people who make them and the impact the fashion industry is having on our world. For many years the price of clothing has been decreasing whilst the safety and environment for humans in the third world countries have been cut dramatically. Filmed all over the world from the slums in Bangladesh to the New York fashion brands and runways, you really see the dramatic difference in the fashion industry. Before watching this documentary, I've heard of the conditions being poor in the third world clothing factories but had discovered advertisement and articles from brands like H&M claiming they have improved the working conditions and are producing more eco-friendly clothing. In addition, I got the impression these conditions weren't nearly as bad as what has been exposed on this documentary which was a huge eye-opener for me. They mentioned the synthetic cotton farms in India were causing its workers deformity and terminal illness such as cancer due to the exposure of the chemicals. Furthermore, the clothing factories in Bangladesh had caused too many deaths due to buildings collapsing and catching fire. Workers also get beaten pleading for a fairer living wage.  It was even mentioned that the fashion industry is the second biggest pollution to the planet alongside the oil industry being the first. Therefore, it's not only an issue to humanity but also to the environment. Interviews were included in this documentary, featuring world known designers and influencers such as Stella McCartney and her opinions on this troubled industry disaster. I think it’s positive that designers like Stella are appearing in these documentaries hoping to influence the consumers and other designers to make a change to this tragedy. 

Overall, this documentary really makes you realise and open your eyes to the fashion industry issue. It tells you untold stories and makes you think who really pays the price for the clothing? The stories I have been told and the facts I have learned will forever influence my part in the industry.


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