Friday, November 14, 2014

Gucci's lipstick campaign

In this generation diversity has become a big focus and particularly within the fashion and beauty industry. Gucci’s new campaign pushes beauty in a new disruptive direction questioning the idea of “perfect teeth” a sector that hasn’t been challenged until now. 

The campaign is four print images, featuring four models showing off their teeth by snarling and sticking their tongues our rather than having a typically forced smile or sexy pout. There's also a close up of Dani Miller's teeth. The teeth have large gaps as she poses with a smile and red lipstick on her lips. The lipstick is then featured in the bottom right of the print. Text is added such as “ For the bold, the bright and the beautiful.” 

It's brave of Gucci being its first cosmetic launch of 58 lipsticks. Creative director Alessandro Michele has said she aims to “flip the scrip in what is considered congenitally beautiful.” Her vision for the line is to “represent complete liberty and self-expression and the campaign conveys a clear message that authentic beauty lies in imperfection.” 

The model Dani Miller has said that she used to be bullied for her teeth and would bet her mom for teeth Implants growing up. Eventually, she learned to embrace her look and has said that “ I hope the ad inspires and reassured people around the world to find confidence and know that it’s okay to be themselves even more.” She says “ Let go it the pressures of traditional beauty and perfection. Your unusual features are powerful and beautiful. Ignore the haters. Embrace your inner freakiness, your authentic self. You are so beautiful and a bright shining star, and you never have to hide or feel unworthy ever again.”

In my opinion, I feel that this campaign is really positive, especially coming from such a high- end well-known brand. I also think that the models used, in particular Dani Miller, who has previously been bullied about her teeth and has felt insecure to make someone feel like there are just as beautiful as everyone else. It also sets a positive example for society and future generations. However, for some they have seen more negatives than positives adding comments such as the image doesn’t make people want to purchase lipstick or even “ calling out” Gucci for promoting unhealthy habits. 

I agree that the print ads are not the “typical” attractive and I feel that people may be shocked by such a big shift in this type of advertising. However, everything positive comes with a negative, especially when someone is new, but the more these big brands keep pushing the boundaries of the beauty standards, the more society will accept and feel comfortable with them. 

Looking back it's positive to see changes such as successful models with gaps in their smiles. However, even they still tend to fit into a type of imperfection, usually with the gap down the middle of the pearly white teeth. This goes to show how the beauty industry standards still need to be challenged and changed as we are now more comfortable with women who look “different” but in very specific ways and I think it's great that Gucci has noticed this and decided to challenge it. 

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