Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Is This The End Of The Beauty Blogger, James Charles' Career?

Recently over social media, particularly Instagram and YouTube there has been a lot of drama between social media influencers, one of them being James Charles, who I follow. 

James Charles is 20 and is known for his amazing makeup skills through YouTube and Instagram. 

The drama was first caused by James Charles close friend Tati who publicly shamed James over a YouTube video after being upset with James choices and decisions towards her as she claimed to feel “used”. 

This then leads to lots of cyber hate towards James, having many of his followers drop in a day. It also started to involve other celebrity’s and influencers like Jeffery star and Zara Larson. 

James apologised for his actions via a YouTube video explaining his side of the story and the situation. The whole drama led for him to cancel his tour that was due soon. 

Tati was upset with James explaining that he promoted a product that was her competitor when he would always disregard promoting hers as it “wasn’t appropriate for his audience”. She helps James build up his following when he first started out in the influencer career. She also claimed that he would sexually manipulate straight men into thinking they were gay so he could get them to like him. 

James explained how the story had been twisted with evidence of text messages etc. He’s also claimed that he has made mistakes and he is still learning but it’s very difficult due to being in the public eye and being looked up to at such a young age. He is now spending more time around family and focusing on himself as he explained the whole drama has taken a toll on his mental health due to this being such a difficult time. 

Reading and watching the YouTube videos made me realise how difficult it must be being so young and famous with your every move in the public eye. When I graduate from university I would love to have a career as a social media influencer, however this whole situation with James Charles has really opened my eyes up to this type of career. Seeing videos and posts of influencers looking like they are living the dream but not many people realise the type of negative this “dream job” actually comes with. 

It’s human nature to make mistakes but when you’re that famous with those many followers’ people are always going to have something to say, especially when it’s negative. It’s made me realise how mature and careful you need to be stepping into this type of career. It’s also made me realise to always be careful on who you trust and become close with in this industry. There are always people trying to get one step ahead and will do anything to get there, even if it means stepping on your toes or ending a friendship. Furthermore, this situation has made me realise how petty and bitchy even adults can be. Not discussing a problem in private but publicly shaming someone instead so that their career is on the line. 

After reading and watching all the drama unfold and reflecting on the situation, it is still my dream job to become an influencer, but I also won’t be quick to disregard other options due to realising the pressures that come with this type of career. Furthermore, in regards to the James and Tati situation, I feel that there are two sides to every story and both parties are to blame. Every human makes mistakes and it’s hard when you are young but without mistakes you don’t learn. I hope that James and Tati find a way to fix their issues and to not let social media come between their friendship. 


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