Thursday, May 23, 2019

The BoF Podcast: Building Disruptive Direct-to-Consumer Brands

Today I watched a podcast on how Him and Hers, Allbirds and Good American have all developed successful brands through a disruptive direct-to-consumer method. Entrepreneurs Hilary Coles, Tim Brown and Emma Grede first explained that the success of their brand came from having those disruptive insights. They researched in to a certain sector and found missing gaps in the market where they then took that forward and developed their brands. For example, Emma Grede, founder of Good American, realised that there is a need for better fitting jeans on thicker women. 

They then went on to explain that factors such as  having a direct line to the customer gives a sense of community, purpose and it allows the customer to feel that they are apart of the brand. Furthermore, allowing them to give feedback and their opinions on what could be better allows for the company to get some great insights whilst applying to the customers needs.

In addition, they mentioned about how it's more easier to create a brand through instagram instead of having to go through the route of retail. Even though the retail sector seems to be less popular in this generation, they explained that it is still very important for their brands. Emma Grede, founder of Good American, explains that its essential for her brand to have pop up shops and create that experience for her customers. She goes on to say that the route of the brand is making women feel empowered and beautiful and its not just about the fashion and the way jeans look but instead, how they make you feel and for this you need to try them on. 

Listening to the podcast I felt that I was able to relate and understand a lot of what was being explained due to what I have learnt on FCP. For example, particularly when they were explaining about insights and how that gave them the idea to create their brands. Its interesting and inspiring to hear the processes of the successful entrepreneurs but it also make me motivated and exited for what is ahead in FCP.


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