Monday, May 27, 2019

My Favourite Looks From Valentino's Cruise 2020 Collection

The Valentino Cruise 2020 Collection was released on the 23rd May and below are my favourite pieces from the collection. 

This dress is one of my favourite pieces from the Valentino collection. I really like the bright blue used in contrast with the pink and white. I also love the shape of the oversized dress and the tassel details around the hem. I feel like it gives a western/ summer vibe and I love that contrast!! 

What I love about this piece is the print and the colours used. I love how this is paired with the black hat as I think it finishes the look. However, I am still undecided on wether I like the shape of this dress and the tie around the neck/ cuffs. If this were to be my collection I would use the print but change the length and the shape. 

What I LOVE about this piece is the print. Animal prints have definitely come back into fashion recently and especially the black and white prints. I like how the garment and print is oversized as most animal print looks I've seen have always been fitted. In addition, like the extra added fabric on the shoulder as it adds more detail but also how a belt is used to create some shape. This piece reminds me of a mixture between a beach outfit and an evening piece.

This is another one of my favourite pieces from the collection. I love the feathers and embroidery details as I feel this gives an elegant/ sophisticated look. I also love the all white look and the hat accessory as it gives a western but sophisticated feel. 

I really like the colours used in this garment. The yellows, blues, whites and purples gives a real summer feel to this piece. I love the pattern used in contract with the all blue, bold over jacket and the tanned belt to add detail and more contrast. 

Overall, looking at all the other designer cruise 2020 collections, Valentinos is by far my favourite as it has a variety of different flavours throughout out the collection but still keeping to a noticeable theme. He also uses a lot of bright colours and interesting features and shapes. I feel that some of the other designers collections come across quite boring and dull, especially because of their chosen colour pallets. 


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