Sunday, May 26, 2019

Prada Joins Fashion’s Anti-Fur Movement

Prada has made the decision to join the fashion fur-free movement. After being targeted by activist groups they have said they will stop using animal fur from Spring/Summer 2020 onwards. 

Apparently, the fur-free decision wont have much impact on Prada as fur accounts for less that 0.1 percent used in production but instead it will give the luxury brand a marketing boost.

Lorenzo Bertelli, Prada Group's head of marketing and communications has said “Fur has never been part of the main pieces of Prada,” adding that the brand has already stopped showing animal fur on its catwalk. “People are always asking for a more sustainable approach from the company … [consumers are] different from the past. They think everybody needs to do there part to have a more sustainable world and future.”

However, not everyone is pleased with Prada’s decision. Mark Oaten, chief executive of the International Fur Federation, has said he is “extremely disappointed” adding that, despite requests, Prada declined to meet with the organisation to discuss the use of animal fur.

“I would have hoped a brand that cares about sustainability would have given its consumers the choice to buy natural fur rather than moving towards fake and plastic alternatives,” he said. “I don’t believe they have all the facts. I urge them to think again.”

Other brands such as Gucci, Burberry and Versace have also all turned their backs on animal fur. Cities are joining the fur-free movement too. New York is the largest market for fur in the US however the city council is considering a ban on the sale of fur. San Francisco and Los Angeles have already put in similar bans. 

It has been months since the last major brand announced it was dropping fur. This kind of decision, from a big luxury brand, will help bring back to life the fur-free movement. 
“[Prada’s decision] will re-energise the movement to move away from fur for other brands,” Smith said. “I think this will also help the discussions that are happening in California and New York."

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