Thursday, September 12, 2019

Bridal Company Wants To Move Shopping Online

Browsing on Robin Givhan's Instagram I came across a discussion on bridal dress shopping moving to online. The company Amsale has said they "see the company transitioning from a fashion company to a fashion technology company." and from this have launched Amsale X You.  This is where shoppers go online and design their own wedding dress. Neil Brown, the ceo’s partner who sadly passed away but has decided to continue her legacy, has said “We’re not just decorating a sneaker, we’re inviting the bride into our design room and sharing our intellectual property with her so she can express her own design impulses.”

"A bride can select her dress’s bodice and skirt and add a wisp of a belt. She can pick from size 0 to 24, mixing and matching different-size tops and bottoms for an optimum fit. It won’t matter if a customer chooses tulle or silk faille, long sleeves or strapless — the cost is a flat fee of $5,000" The dress is made to order and shipped out in four weeks. 

As amazing and stress free as it sounds there is also the hurdle of, what if it isn’t as flattering in real life or even worse,  it doesn’t fit? 

But apparently shoppers will be able to eventually "create a personalised avatar with their exact measurements." Furthermore,  "More bodices and skirts from the company’s vast pattern archive will be added for even more dress possibilities" explains Robin. 

Apparently, 25% of brides were responsibly for 75 % of the wedding spending and Amsale is in that category. Brown figures that if consumers are willing to spend $5,000 on Designer dress on online websites such as Net-a-Porter then they would be willing to do the same for a wedding dress. 

However, shopping for a wedding dress is a shared experience that many women enjoy. Experiencing this online makes a massive change in this industry. 

Amsale isn’t the first company to offer custom gowns online, other companies such as Anomalie and  Bluethread do the same. 

According to Robin "Many millennials are planning their weddings online and pre-gaming wedding attire before they even get engaged. And plenty of women skip the designated bridal gowns and simply buy a great party dress with the click of a button because they’re more excited about their destination wedding than Swarovski crystals on silk organza." 

Furthermore, there have been said to be plans for Armsale x You to include a group online shopping experience, kind of like FacetTime x Bridal shopping.  In my opinion, the idea of shopping for your wedding dress online just isn’t the same. I think it's still nice to keep to the traditions and experiencing this with your family and friends, although it is a very smart idea. 

What are your thoughts on this? 

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