Thursday, September 12, 2019

Lorna Luxe Podcast

Today I listened to a pod cast with Lorna luxe, a blogger and influencer i follow on Instagram. She talks about her life, he’s struggles and how is made it to be so successful. 

She speaks about her journey as a child, being shy because she felt overweight. As she got older her first job was working in curry’s learning to sell. She explained that this job gave her skills for life and defo valuable skills into influencing and managing a business. Later on, after uni she went on to be an air hostess and after a while had to leave due to becoming very mentally ill with her weight. 

After taking time out to recover and heel she put all her spear time into Instagram and her blog. Today she is very successful with a clothing line with inthestyle and a great following on her Instagram platform. 

When talking about her life and how she got to her success, Lorna gave a few tips which I picked up on the way.

She suggested that whenever someone is struggling with a mental health issue, Terri the little habits instead of trying for the big goals as the little ones seem more manageable and over time make the big consistent changes. 

She suggest to look what you can achieve that day that you didn’t achieve the day before. 

She suggested with being an influencer to always make sure your creating content with repitition, similar in style, setting and location to make sense and gain a community. 

- To always engage, especially with other people, influencers, followers as it drives conversations. 

- Use social blade to track you stats.

- Also to write down patterns, trends, what other people are doing, where they’re going wrong, why they went wrong and learn from those and apply to your business. 

Overall, I feel that I really learnt a lot from the podcast and it really opened my eyes. It also gave me some great insights into influencing. 

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