Thursday, September 12, 2019

Wireless Day 2

Then came day 2! I was excited to see what this day had in store for us, and the first thing it brought was rain! I was worried that with rain it might be too wet and cold to enjoy it, and it would just down the vibe at the festival, regardless though I was going to try and enjoy it because the lineup was amazing. 

Travis Scott, Demi, Cadet, Future, Young Thug, Stefflon Don, Yungen, Lotto boys and more! With this sort of lineup I was determined to enjoy it because it’s not like you see all of these artists at the same place everyday.

Me and Annie were dressed in vibrant pink tops, this was just in case we lost one another it would be easy to pick the bright pink top out from the crowd. 

It would be quite easy to think that because of the rain, the fashion on show may be quite different in terms of people wearing more to cover themselves up and keep warm. Whilst there was some of this, it was noticeable that general there was still a lot of current modern trendy fashion. Crop tops, shorts, short sleeved tops, these were still on show and it was almost like the rain didn’t matter.

The second day was special because Travis Scott absolutely blew me away, the visuals and the music on his set were incredible and everybody was just really really enjoying themselves! And you know what, the rain actually added to it, it made everyone “think it’s raining but you know what f*** it”, an experience ill never forget! 

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