Thursday, September 12, 2019

The Amazon Rainforest

Recently In the news they talked about the Amazon rainforest catching fire and that it has been burning for 3 weeks. At first, with very little information, I thought this was due to global warming with exsessive heat causing the fire  but I soon discovered that a man had purposely caused the fire to create more land. This led me to question, how careless can society get? 

Not only this but It was also reported that the Brazilian government refused all help to put out the fire and didn’t seem to mind the fact it was all burning, what??? 

Hearing this made me so angry. Even though everyone is aware of the global warming issue, a man still has the selfish need to want to burn the most important rainforest on earth and the government doesn’t even care? The Amazon rainforest has been said to be the lungs of the earth. Without the Amazon rainforest, the global warming issue will be 100x worse than it already is, creating less time make a change. 

Thankfully the fire was put out by a rain storm after 3 weeks of burning, thank god for mother nature!! 

Although it’s good the fire was eventually put out, a big chunk of the rainforest had been burn away, leaving a large amount of poor animals and their natural habitats destroyed. 

It has been said that by 2050 it will be to late for global warming to be resolved and that if we don’t act now, the human race will become extinct. 

Although little changes have been made, for example changing plastic straws into paper, those might not be enough. At this rate, we need big changes to happen to make a difference as time is running out. 

We can only try to further educated people in this situation and hope for everyone’s sake we can start to make bigger changes to make more of an impact as it’s now a  race against time. 

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