Thursday, September 12, 2019

I MADE IT! - Christian Dior Exhibition

For ages I’ve been wanting to go to the exhibition. I tried to go once before but soon realised once I arrived that the tickets sold on the door had sold out hours ago and that people started queuing at 8am.  This time I was determined to get a ticket and see this exhibition everyone had been talking about. In fact it has been so popular they extended the date and all online ticket were sold pretty rapid. 

Waking up at 4am, travelling on the coach to London to arriving at the v&a seeing already a big queue I was praying I’d still get a ticket. Queuing for 1.30 hours we were finally let it and luckily I was able to get a ticket. 

I was really exited and ecstatic to be able to get in as I really thought i might not be able to due to the amount of people ahead of me. I’d seen pictures online of the exhibition and it looked so beautiful and amazing.

As I entered in it was really packed and hard to take everything in. I noticed I really like Christian Dior as a designer and loved almost all of the outfits designed. It was interesting to read and learn more about Christian Dior. The way they set up the exhibition was incredible and it really gave me a journey and a magical experience I won’t forget. At the end I loved it so much I decided to buy the Christian Dior exhaustion book to remember all the collections and the information about Christian Dior, even though I did also take lots of photos.

I was so glad I got in as I knew it was the last week to see the exhibition and I’d been wanting to go for ages. I’m really glad I went and it was a day out I throughly enjoyed. 

Below are some of my fav pictures I took of the exhibition.


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