Thursday, September 12, 2019

Greece Day 7

Today was our day back home. I woke up feeling happy and sad. I was ready to go home but at the same time I wanted to stay. The owners of the villa had said we could stay for another week for free as they hadn’t had anyone else coming in and thought we were a really nice family which was lovely of them. Unfortunately, we couldn’t take the offer as my parents had to go back to work so the plan still proceeded to travel home in the afternoon. As it was our last day I decided to pack up the rest of the stuff I didn’t need and then spent the rest of the time chilling by the pool and getting the last bit of tan I possibly could before coming back to the rainy UK. As always time flew by on our last morning in Greece and before we knew it we were all packed up and ready to go. Once arriving at the airport and dropping our rental car back the queue to check- in was ridiculously long. After eventually dropping our bags off our flight gates had already opened and we were boarding on the plane. The flight on the way wasn’t bad at all so I didn’t feel that nervous on the way home. An hour into the flight and we started to experience some turbulence. This is when my nerves started to kick in and I became the worst nervous flightier ever!! When we hit land in the UK I was relieved. I was sad to have left Greece but also very happy to be back home. Overall, Greece was one of the best holidays Id been on in a long time! 

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