Thursday, September 12, 2019

Glossier - Top 5 Reasons It's So Successful

Glossier is a digitally native beauty brand with a small product range who’s products mainly focus on skincare. With some 1.5 million Instagram followers and the brand named as a top beauty brand by Allure, Teen Vogue, Glamour, Nylon, Women’s Wear Daily and Cosmopolitan, this article sheds light on the core values of the brand and perhaps why the brand is so popular amongst millennials, uncovering the top 5 reasons why Glossier is so successful. 

Research into the brand highlighted that the brand aims for a strong relationships with its consumers, indicated by the brands tagline “Beauty products inspired by real life.” This is central to the reasons shared in the article and can be identified to be the driving forth of the company as Davis describes Glossier as a “people-powered beauty ecosystem”. Adding  “the main thing Glossier stands for is the power of the individual to choose their own style. 

The 5 reasons can be categorised as the 5C’s - Consumers/Content/Conversation/Co-creation/Community, and as we’ll see the relationship with the consumer is a running theme. 

Number one states that “Glossier is powered by a fierce and loyal dedication to its customers”, adhering to their needs and wants. In the article this is stated to be because they know who their target audience is and the Glossier customer is a ‘psychographic’, someone who understands the role beauty plays in their life. It is highlighted that because they know their target consumer well, it is this connection that they pride themselves on continuously developing that allows their to make their consumer happy 

Number two states that Glossier is constantly engaging with their consumers through mediums such as social media and sharing content on their blog called ‘into the gloss’. It is there where they aid their customers providing them with “how-to” tutorials alongside product-as-hero posts with answers to specific beauty issues. This content then generates conversations and acts as a way of finding more about their consumers relationship to the product and how the relationship can be helped.

Number three reiterates the relationship between client and customer as it states number three as conversation. Reinstating how much the company values the opinions of their customers. Davis states “ “What makes us special is the belief that the channel is the value proposition,” Davis said, referring specifically to its communication channel”. Adding that this channel helps them because “Before we even make anything, we make it because we learned from our customers what they are missing, both from a brand and a product perspective” . This statement again reiterates the aforementioned but also offers the idea that each product has the consumer in mind, which is perhaps a more tangible method of the customer involvement in comparison to other brands.

This is furthered in number four as number four is Co-creation. The article states that unlike traditional beauty brands where products are developed first, after which the brands must figure out how to sell them, Glossier works in reverse choosing to work from what have understood to be the customers needs. Thus the customer is tangibly involved in the making process. In this section an example is given of a product [Milky Jelly Cleanser] where the customers involvement is deconstructed. This point also adds that glossier are doing everything they can to involve the customer further. Davis puts across that the brand want to be best position to deliver to the customer “what they actually want”. 

Number 5 sums that their attempts to reach out to their audience has resulted in the making of a community. The brand furthers this by stating how they want their customers to bring their own communities into their community in order to grow even further, stating that they want to make their customers 'stakeholders' . Number Five develops on this stating that the community has developed physically as glossier has moved into two permanent locations, including a newly-expanded Soho flagship in New York City and Los Angeles’ Melrose Place, as well as various popup shop. 

Overall this article stamps forward that Glossier's success is down to their manner of ways they reach out to their consumers and how they execute developing this relationship. The brand and their success exemplifies how a companies trajectory coincides with their relationship with their customers  and how pivitol this relationship is. 

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