Thursday, September 12, 2019

PLT Podcast - Molly Mae

Today I listened to a podcast from the brand pretty little thing and their guest Molly may. 

Molly Mae is a fashion and lifestyle influencer who went on the love island reality show this year. She talks about the struggles many have face with social media after coming out of the show and how she doesn’t let the online trolling effect her as she was an influencer before the show and sort of knew how to handle that kind of stuff. She also talks about how the overloads of messages she’s received and the how it’s a massive changed from before she went it, it’s actually overwhelming but at the same time amazing. She talks about how girls come up in the street crying when they meet her and that experience is weird but at the same time heart warming experience that you influence and mean that much to people. 

She also talks about her new clothing line she has just launched with PLT due to coming out of love island and the success she had from it. She also received lots of messages of girls thanking her for the collection and how they’ve followed her from day one and have been on this journey with her.

She speaks about how her current relationship is going after coming out of love island in a relationship with tommy. She speaks about how they are planning to move in with each other very soon. 

Molly talks about her success and how she got her own place and moves to Manchester at 20. She also gives out advice to listeners saying if there anything you want to do in life make sure you go get it and have no regrets. 

Overall, I really enjoyed listening to the podcast as it has given a great insight into the influencing industry, not just the glam side to the job but also an insight into the struggles as well. 


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