Thursday, September 12, 2019

My Summer 2019

At the beginning of the summer I was working part time at river island, I was doing this whilst I was in first year of uni travelling back and forth between home and Nottingham just to make sure I had money to live off. 

As it came to coming back home and working there without the travelling I realised I had no motivation or desire to work there anymore. After being working there for 4 years and the constant travelling semi making me resent the job, I decided to leave. I was jobless for a few weeks but it was good to have that break. 

It was then time to go on holiday to Greece. It was absolutely amazing ( see my blog on my trip to Greece for more info about what I got up to) 

After coming back from Greece I then decided I needed to get a job.

I started working part time in a little cafe down the road from my house. At first I was sure and had negative opinions on hospitality as I’d worked in it before. After a few weeks I loved it and it was a new challenge to retail and lots of new things to learn. As time went on I became more and more experience pick up more hours each time.

I then went to wireless for the weekend with my friends which was an amazing experience as I’d never been to a festival properly before so I really immersed myself into the festival experience.

After coming back for the festival i was pretty much working full time at the cafe and learning lots of new valuable skills on the way. My manager had even said he would like me to come back at Christmas and become a manager which is such an amazing achievement. 

I then had to move my uni stuff back to Nottingham into my new house for next year which was really exciting. I love the house I’m in, although it’s a bit further out, I love that it’s a house and feel more homely than halls. 

Towards the end of the summer I’ve been working on my summative visual report, course I have to submit to be able to go through to second year of uni. I decided it would probably be best to cut my hours of work whilst focusing on my project.

The project I’m working on is about the brand Dr. Martens and creating an exciting event for their brand which I’m really enjoying.

Overall, I’ve had a very busy summer but I've also had a fun and exciting one too. Next summer I’m hoping to do a bit of travelling and volunteering in a different country which should he amazing. 

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