Thursday, September 12, 2019

Greece Day 4

Day 4 had arrived and we was half way through our holiday. We decided to go down to the harbour and do a boat tour for the day. We set off early and had breakfast down there too. I had eggs Benedict which was delicious. As Dad was the main captain, he had the lesson on how to drive the boat. After his lesson, we set off in too the Mediterranean Sea. After a while Dad allowed me to drive the boat which was such good fun. We stopped off at a few beached you couldn't get to by foot. Mooring up was the difficult part, especially onto the beaches because there wasn’t really anywhere you could moor up and the rocks would always be an obstacle you had to be careful off. After a full day on the boat and a really bad sun burns. We got off and headed out for another meal on the harbour. After our meal we stopped off at another bar. This bar happened to be the owners of the villa we were staying in. We got talking and they were really lovely people who gave us a massive homemade cake to take back with us. After the bar we went back to the villa and went to bed. 


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