Thursday, September 12, 2019


Recently I have come across this payment method called Klarna. Its a payment system that allows you to buy clothes from brands where you are able to pay later, usually in 30 days time. 

At first I thought of this to be a really good idea, especially from a brands profit perspection,  as you tend to order loads of items ( there is no amount limit), in the intention of just 'trying on' and not intending to keeping many of the items. However, you end up liking most of the items and paying for most of them, well thats whats happened in my experience. 

I've even had times where I've worn items out and then returned them afterwards ( the student life) and I've been over the 30 days when sending off my return- oops.. This has then lead me to think of my addictive and bad shopping habits and how Klarna  could be seen as more of a negative than a positive. 

Think about it, If Klarna is so flexible, no credit checks, any amount you like, from all of your farvioute stores, even no reminders of payments, this could lead to many shopaholics in serious debt. 
Futhermore, brands might actually be at a loss instead of a gain due to returning of items are a night out that every student tends to do. 

Overall, I have very mixed feelings about klarna and if its actually a good idea or not. What are your thoughts on this?


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