Thursday, September 12, 2019

New York Day 2

The second day of living in New York came around and for me it began of as another day of digesting the culture. 

When I stepped out of our hotel, I really took in the people and what they were wearing and doing. Similar to London in England everyone seemed like they were busy rushing off to somewhere, and the majority of people walked with an urgency like they were on a mission. This created a very business orientated feeling in the atmosphere and what added to this was the number of suits people were wearing. I had never seen as many suits on show as this, men especially there were people were suits everywhere you looked. What was also noticeable was that people were often eating on the go, this was also something I saw every that I looked. It was like being in London but everything was just that bit louder and bigger and so were the people, in the background as you walked passed the streets there were always people talking and shouting, whether it would be people calling for cabs, or speaking to friends or for whatever reason - it was very lively environment.

Something else that i noticed that the day was the size of the food. For one of my meals I had a burger from McDonald’s and it was huge, to put it into perspective an American medium sized meal was the size of a UK extra large. The food fit into the nature and style of the city - it was huge. 

On our second day, our tourist destination was The Colour Factory. The Color Factory is a collaborative interactive exhibit, the venue has a range of different rooms that had whacky and wonderful colours. The Color Factory is famously known for collaborating with roster of talented artists, illustrators, designers and makers. In each room there was a different project that had colour at the centre of it. As an example of this in one particular room there was a ball pit, full of balls. This room for me epitomised the rest of the venue because it was fun and colourful and simply put it entertained our childish side. The place was a really enjoyable visit but and a lot of the projects really took my interest because they were really unique and strange. The place, to some capacity, underpinned how creative and fun colours can be and how they can be used in a range of ways to communicate and provoke different emotions.  This memory in particular was really special.  

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