Thursday, September 12, 2019

Reflection - What Have I Learn't

What I have learn't from year 1 in uni and what I will take with me into year 2....

I’ve learnt from years one to not leave my sketchbook work to the last minute and to then have to go back over and remember to thought process I took.

I’ve learn't that turning up to all lessons do really matter, even if you can watch the lectures online as it keeps you in check and on a routine to attend lessons.

I’ve learn't that if you are struggling to always ask for help, no matter how stupid it seems, if you don’t ask you don’t get. 

What I will take into year 2

- More organisation and better time management 

- Starting assignments as early as possible to allow for me to reach my full potential 

- To do sketchbook work first to make the process SOO much easier. 

- To turn up to all my lessons and really engage in the seminars.

- To ask for help if I need it and always let them know what’s going on in advance. 

Overall I feel that I have learn't a lot about first year and hope to take my lessons forward with me into the new year ahead. 


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