Thursday, September 12, 2019

Wireless Day 3

After the two intense days of partying at the festival beforehand, fatigue was beginning to kick in but I was still really excited to enjoy the day because there was still a good line up for Sunday and I want to make the most of the moment. I chose to wear a denim skirt and a black crop top, Annie chose to go for the denim shorts and crop top. Festival wear was still very much in season and still going strong. 

As a last hurrah for the festival me and my friends pre-drank at another one of our friend’s house, Alfies. Alfie had other mates down there so this was hopefully going to be a great start to the end of the festival.  

The pre-drinks was great and a really nice moment to just hang out with friends in a period where sometimes you get caught up in the chaotic nature of a festival. Onto wireless. 

Lineup... Rae Sremmurd, AJ Tracey, J hus, Lil baby, Not3s, Lil Yachty, D-block Europe, Russ, Aitch and more. Exciting I know!

The Sunday however, wasn’t great, I think the fatigue that I mentioned earlier definitely played a factor because it wasn’t just noticeable in myself but also in the wireless audience. On the Sunday there just seemed to be a lack of energy, and this could be possible brought down to the factor that the two intense days of partying beforehand had worn everyone out. This could also been seen in the style because there was less flashy clothing material, less dance-wear, instead there was more casual wear; jeans instead of jean shorts, more jumpers and jackets and bodies being covered. This came across almost as if people were ready to say their goodbyes to wireless 

Jhus I was so excited about beforehand was good but not great. The vibe just wasn’t as great, especially in comparisons to last nights Travis Scott. I noticed that American artists definitely bring a bigger energy that UK artists and I feel like this is palpable in the audience because they definitely react to bigger energy. Whereas Jhus’s music is great, his stage presence isn’t as lively and energetic as Cardi B and Travis Scott who the crowd seemed to love and the most noticeable difference - their energy! 

One odd thing was the headline of the Friday and Saturday ended off with a bang.  Rae Sremmurd headline the Sunday after he finished there wasn’t fireworks or a great music classic that everyone knew like previous nights, it was just over after one of his less known songs had played. It felt like everyone one else were slightly confused almost wanting more, that or a bigger finish. Wireless 2019, it came then it went. 

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