Thursday, September 12, 2019

Greece Day 3

On day 3 of our holiday we decided we wanted to go out and explore more of the Greek Island. In the visitors book in our villa many people who had stayed suggested visiting the Messalini cave.  We chilled by the pool for a few hours as the weather was really hot on this day. We then decided to go in the afternoon when the heat had lessened and the cave visits wasn’t at peek times. When we arrived at the cave, we got into a little boat where a greek man would take us through the cave. It was so so beautiful. The top of the cave had eroded away so the sun shined through reflecting on the water creating a clear blue water where you were able to see right to the bottom, which was seriously deep. After the cave visit we then went to another little village not far from the village near our villa. This village was called Sami. The restaurants were basically the same with less shops. After having our dinner we got back to the villa and headed to bed. Just as I was going to sleep I felt the whole villa shake. My sister also felt it too. We ran into my Mums room who also said she felt the same and realised its what they call an earth tremor / mini earth quake. Apparently they are really common on the Greek island and aren’t usually anything to worry about, which thankfully it wasn’t. 

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