Thursday, September 12, 2019

New York Day 3

Third day! This time the night before I was actually able to sleep, the adrenaline of first day excitement had worn off so this time I enjoyed a nice sleep. 

The morning gave a really nice surprise because in the lobby of our hotel there was film set being shot! From what I could tell by the actors costume it was some sort of classical 90’s film was being shot. We had to be silent as we passed by and the set and camera appeared very professional. This was the first time I had experienced witnessing something like this so to me it just seemed crazy and really cool! To the other Americans around their response suggested that this was just everyday behaviour and perhaps this was an indication of how in New York, crazy things like this are happening all the time.

Day three was packed because we visited a number of popular tourist attractions. Such places included The Brooklyn bridge, Central Park, A Rockefeller’s building, Time square and then to an American diner.  Viewing all of these places just made it abhorrently clear that New York was a placed littered with tradition and proud of their country and its culture. 

We went to Brooklyn bridge in the early afternoon and it was absolutely humungous, it reminded me of the London Bridge but its as if the London Bridge was its little baby brother in comparison m. Brooklyn bridge seemed just as it looked in all the films, and it was absolutely beautiful, it had a really grandiose nature about it like it had been standing there for centuries. Once we got there, there was a ferry that we boarded that took us opposite Brooklyn bridge and this gave us a look at the Statue of Liberty. This just seemed to just completely epitomise New York! It was phenomenal, the architecture of it looked much more detailed in person to how I had seen it on a television screen. It almost made people look like ants, and being there to see it in person just made me feel really special because It had historical aura about it, and it represented so much of what America stands for. 

We then ventured off to see Central Park. The theme of big themes in this location continued because it too was monstrously big. Once I laid eyes on it, the deeper I look the more the park just seemed to grow, it appeared like an external maze. However beyond this it was beautiful, this piece of greenery just gave a welcoming feel to the city. There I saw countless people each on their journey to wherever, countless amounts of dog walkers. Central Park almost seemed detached to New York because of its naturalness but continued the theme because of its size. All in all Central Park added another layer to the city and made the place feel beautiful. When we were there we ice-skated and and the feeling of being one with nature just continued.

In opposition to the naturalness of Central Park that day we also visited Rockefeller centre building and Time square. These places were ensued with bright lights big building and technology just seemed to be pushed right in your face. The Rockefeller centre was beautiful because there was a set of elevators that lifted us to the point where we could see over the entirety of New York and the city looked astonishing. It seemed so alive and so electric, the colours and the buildings gave the impression that this place was at the apex of humanity. The landscape of the New York was something words and pictures can describe bit not fully encapsulate just how beautiful it truly is.

The day ended off with us at the American diner style Stardust, and it was just as alive as the rest of the city. The ambience there was big and bold with live music and waiters that interacted with the customers in bold in-your-face manner. This was something an individual would really have to be in the mood for. However on the whole the vibe was great at is very celebratory. The interior design of the place was again full of bright colours, mainly the colours of the country’s flag being red white and blue. There the food was just as big in proportion to what we had gotten used to in America - which was extra large! This further reiterated the patriotic nature of the country and its inclination to big and bold.

This capped off a great day in New York.


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