Thursday, September 12, 2019

Greece Day 5

Day 5 we decided to visit lots of different beaches on the island. We started of with Myrtos, then on to Skala and lastly ended up in Friscardo where we ate and had our meal for the evening. Some of the beaches we visited were quite stony and others were crystal white sand. However, the sea at all of the beaches were a beautiful turquoise blue water. My little sister took googles with her and when going under the water you could see different fish swimming all around you, even at the shore of the sea. After a long day of traveling to different beaches we stopped off at a supermarket to get some dinner to cook back at the villa. We had an oven pizza and then chilled by the pool with a few drinks in the evening. We also went swimming in the pool at night as the water always seems to be warmer at night. Not long afterwards we had our showers and headed off to bed. 

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